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a reply to this programme. And most of the writers who have occupied themselves with the problems of hiual intercourse have been dominated by the monastic and ascetic ideas of the moral theologians. to them the hiual instinct is the absolute evil, sensuality is sin, voluptuousness is a gift of the devil, and even the thought of such things is immoral. Whether or not we uphold this condemnation of the hiual instinct depends entirely on our inclination and scale of values. The moralist’s endeavour to attack or defend it from the scientific point of view is wasted labour. The limits of scientific method are misconceived when one attributes to it the role of judge and valuer; the nature of scientific method is misunderstood when it is expected to influence action not merely by showing the effectiveness of means to ends but also by determining the relative value of the ends themselves. The scientist treating ethical problems should, however, point out that we cannot begin by rejecting the hiual instinct as evil in itself and then go on to give, under certain conditions, our moral approval or toleration to the hiual act. the usual dictum condemning sensual pleasure in hiual intercourse but declaring nevertheless that the dutiful fulfillment of the debitum conjugale (conjugal duty) for the purpose of begetting successors is quite moral, springs from poverty-stricken sophistry. The married couple act in sensuality; no child has ever yet been begotten and conceived out of dutiful consideration for the State’s need of recruits or taxhiers. to be quite logical, an ethical system which branded the act of procreation as shameful would have to demand complete and unconditional abstinence. If we do not wish to see life become extinct we should not call the source from which it is renewed a sink of vice. Nothing has poisoned the morals of modern society more than this ethical system which by neither condemning logically nor approving logically blurs the distinction between good and evil and bestows on sin a glittering allurement. More than anything it is to blame for the fact that the modern man vacillates aimlessly in questions of hiual morality, and is not even

capable of properly appreciating the great problems of the relations between the hies. it is clear that hi is less important in the life of man than of woman. Satisfaction brings him relaxation and mental peace. But for the woman the burden of motherhood begins here. Her destiny is completely circumscribed by hi; in man’s life it is but an incident. however fervently and whole-heartedly he loves, however much he takes upon himself for the woman’s sake, he remains always above the hiual. even women are finally contemptuous of the man who is utterly engrossed by hi. but woman must exhaust herself as lover and as mother in the service ofthe hiual instinct. Man may often find itdifficult, in the face of all the worries of his profession, to preserve his inner hidom and so to develop his individuality, but it will not be his hiual life which distracts him most.

for woman, however, hi is the greatest obstacle. Thus the meaning of the feminist question is essentially woman’s struggle for personality. But the matter affects men not less than women, for only in co-operation can the hies reach the highest degree of individual culture. The man who is always being dragged by woman into the lower spheres of psychic bondage cannot develop hily in the long run. to preserve the hidom of inner life for the woman, this is the real problem .

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