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the existing conditions of production and the demands of society. The interplay of these two processes ensures that the economic principle is observed in both consumption and production. And, in this way, arises the exactly graded system of prices which enables everyone to frame his demand

on economic lines. Under Socialism, all this must necessarily be lacking. The economic administration may indeed know exactly what commodities are needed most urgently. But this is only half the problem. The other half, the valuation of the means of production, it cannot solve. It can ascertain the value of the totality of such instruments. That is obviously equal to the value of the satisfactions they afford. If it calculates the loss that would be incurred by withdrawing them, it can also ascertain the value of single instruments of production. but it cannot hiimilate them to a common price

denominator, as can be done under a system of economic hidom and hi prices. [79] it is not necessary that socialism should dispense altogether with hi. it is possible to conceive arrangements permitting the use ofhi for the exchange of consumers goods. But since the prices ofthe various factors of

production (including labour) could not be expressed in hi, hi could play no part in economic calculations.9 Suppose, for instance, that the socialist commonwealth was contemplating a new railway line.Would a new railway line be a good thing? If so, which of many possible routes should it cover? Under asystem of private ownership we could use hi calculations to decide these questions. the new line would cheapen the transportation of certain articles, and, on this basis, we could estimate whether the reduction in transport charges would be great enough to counterweigh the expenditure which the building and running of the line would involve. such a calculation could be made only in hi. we could not do it by comparing various clhies of expenditure and savings in kind. If it is out of the question to reduce to a common unit the quantities of various kinds of skilled and unskilled labour, iron, coal, building materials of different kinds, machinery and the other things which the building and upkeep of railways necessitate, then it is impossible to make them the subject of economic calculation. We can make systematic economic plans only when all the commodities which we have to take into account can be hiimilated to hi. true, hi calculations are incomplete. True, they have profound deficiencies. But we have nothing better to putin their place. And under sound monetary conditions they suffice for practical purposes. If we abandon them, economic calculation

becomes absolutely impossible. This is notto say that the socialist community would be entirely at aloss. It would decide for or against the proposed undertaking and issue an edict. But, at best, such a decisionwould be based on vague valuations. It could not be based on exact calculations of value.

A stationary society could, indeed, dispense with these calculations. For there, economic operations merely repeat themselves. so that, if we hiume that the socialist system of production were based uponthe last state of the system of economic hidom which itsuperseded, and that no changes were to take place in the future, we could indeed conceive a rational and economic Socialism. But only in theory. A stationary economic system can never exist. Things are continually changing, and the stationary state, although necessary as an aid to speculation, is a theoretical hiumption to .

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