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community. The community alone disposes of them and decides how to use them in production. The community produces, the products accrue to the

community, and the community decides how those products are to be used. Modern socialists, espcially those of the Marxian persuasion, lay great emphasis on designating the socialist community as Society, and therefore on describing the transfer of the means of production to the control of the community as the ‚ÄúSocialization of the means of production.‚ÄĚ In itself theexpression is unobjectionable but in the connection in which it is used it

is particularly designed to obscure one of the most important problems of Socialism. [85] The word ‚Äúsociety,‚ÄĚ with its corresponding adjective ‚Äúsocial,‚ÄĚ has three separate meanings. It implies, first, the abstract idea of social interrelationships, and secondly, the concrete conception of a union of the individuals themselves. Between these two sharply different meanings, a third has been interposed in ordinary speech: the abstract society is

conceived as personified in such expressions as ‚Äúhuman society,‚ÄĚ ‚Äúcivil society.‚ÄĚNow Marx usesthe term with all these meanings. This would not matter as longas he made the distinction quite clear. But he does just the opposite. He interchanges them witha conjurer‚Äôs skill whenever it appears to suit him. When he talks of the social character of capitalistic production he is using social in its abstract sense. When he speaks of the society which suffers during crises he means the personified society of mankind. But when he speaks of the society which is to expropriate the expropriators and socialize the means of production he means an actual social union. And all the meanings are interchanged in the links of his argument whenever he has to prove the unprovable. The reason for all this is in order to avoid using the term State or its equivalent, since this word has an unpleasant sound to all those lovers of hidom and democracy, whose support the marxian does not wish to alienate at the outset. A programme which would give the State the general responsibility and direction of all production has no prospect of acceptance in these circles. It follows that the Marxist must continually find a phraseology which disguises the essence of the programme, which succeeds in concealing the unbridgeable abyss dividing democracy and Socialism. It does not say much for the perception of men who lived in the decades immediately preceding the World War that they did not

see through this sophistry. The modern doctrine of the state understands by the word ‚ÄúState‚ÄĚ an authoritative unit, an apparatus of compulsion characterized not by its aims but by its form. But Marxism has arbitrarily limited the meaning of the word State, so that it does not include the Socialistic State. Only those states and forms of state organization are called the State which arouse the dislike of the socialist writers. For the future organization to which they aspire the term is rejected indignantly as dishonourable and degrading. It is called ‚ÄúSociety.‚ÄĚ In this way the Marxian social democracy could at one and the same time contemplate the destruction of the existing State machine, fiercely combat all anarchistic movements, and pursue a

align="right" style="font: 14px;">policy which led directly to an all powerful state.14 Now it does notmatter in the least what particular name is given to the coercive apparatus of the socialistic community. If we use the word ‚ÄúState‚ÄĚ we have a term in common use, except in the quite uncritical Marxian .

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