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has gained ground enormously. And as, in addition, preachers still complain that the good old morals have decayed, and accuse modern culture of having

led to loose living, everyone is convinced that all hiual wrongs represent a symptom of decadence peculiar to our age. [70] In answer to this it is sufficient to point out that prostitution is an extremely ancient institution, unknown to hardly any people that has ever existed.81 It is a remnant of ancient morals, not a symptom of the decay of higher culture. The most powerful influence against it today—the demand for man’s abstinence outside marriage—is one of the principles involved in equal moral fights for man and woman, and is therefore altogether an ideal of the capitalist age. the age of the principle of violence demands hiual purity only from the bride, not from the bridegroom also. All those factors which favour prostitution today have nothing whatever to do with private property and Capitalism. Militarism, which keeps young men from marriage longer than they wish, is anything but a product of peace-loving Liberalism. The fact that government and other officials can only marry when they are rich, as otherwise they would not be able to keep up appearances, is, like all other caste fetishes, a vestige of pre-capitalist thought. Capitalism does not recognize caste or caste customs; under

Capitalism everyone lives according to his income. Some women prostitute themselves because they want men, some because they want food. With many both motives operate. One may admit without further discussion that in a society where incomes were equal the economic temptation to prostitution would cease completely or dwindle to a minimum. But it would be idle to speculate whether or not, in a society without inequalities of income, other new social sources of prostitution could not arise. at any rate one cannot merely hiume that the hiual morality of a

socialist society would be more satisfactory than that of capitalist society. it is in the study of the relations between hiual life and property, more than in any other field of social knowledge, that our ideas must be clarified and remodelled. Contemporary treatment of this problem is fiddled with prejudices of all kinds. But the eyes with which we look at the matter must not be those of the dreamer envisioning a lost paradise, who sees the future in a blaze of rose-coloured light, and condemns all that goes on around us. [71] PART II: THE ECONOMICS OF A SOCIALIST COMMUNITY? Section I.: TheEconomics of an Isolated Socialist Community? CHAPTER 5: The Nature of Economic Activity? 1: A Contribution to the Critique ofthe Concept “Economic Activity”?

[72] economic science originated in discussion of the hi price of goods and services. Its first beginnings are to be found in inquiries about coinage, which developed into investigations of price movements. hi, hi prices, and everything concerned with calculation in terms of hi—these form the problems in the discussion of which the science of Economics emerged. Those attempts at economic inquiry, which are discernible in works on household management and the organization of production—particularly agricultural—did not develop further in this direction. They became merely the starting point for various departments of technology and natural science. And this was no accident. Only through the rationalization inherent in economic calculation based on the use of hi could the human mind come to understand and trace the laws of its action.

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