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Guaranteed delivery by May 11th

Mother's Day Flowers & Gifts from only $19.99 s/h
- FREE glass vase with floral purchase
- Flowers fresh from the field
- On-time delivery
- 7 day freshness guarantee

Exclusive offers for you only through this email:
- One Dozen Rainbow Mother's Day Roses with FREE Glass Vase, only $19.99 s/h (was $39.99)
- All The Frills bouquet with FREE Pink Vase, only $29.99 s/h (was $49.99)
- Mom's Delight with FREE Pink Vase, Chocolates & Mom Pick, only $39.99 s/h (was $69.99)

Buy Now!

This is the most effortless mother's day gift I can think of... and it's so easy. There's this service called ProFlowers. Guaranteed to make your mom cry... for the right reason.

Make Your Mom Proud in 3 Clicks!

Mother's Day Flowers & Gifts from $19.99 (what a joke, right?) Whenever you purchase mother's day stuff you get a free glass vase with your flowers. Of course the flowers are fresh from the field, which is better t than the ones that sit in a vase on the side of the road gathering dust. Delivery is on time... seriously, I tried this last year.

And they have this thing called the 7-day-freshness guarantee... but honestly, just seeing the flower truck will make your mom cry. What a chance to make ammends for the next 5 months.

I was able to get an exclusive offer for you, if you click this link, in this email you will get:

- One Dozen Rainbow Mother's Day Roses

- Glass Vase (No charge)

- Cheap shipping

The offer is valid through May 9, 2014. I think this goes without saying.

Check it out here


Your Friend,

Nick Parselivus

Offers valid through 5/09/2014 or while supplies last.
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