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> Get Info < on the top, Nursing programs, that are right near you

daughter-in-law and their children and with them all the other members of the family he could catch. Was this not the most stupid and suicidal

policy? However, no action could result from the day dreams of these old Tories. They were a small group of powerless grumblers. They were not backed by any

ideological forces and they had no followers. The idea of such an aristocratic revolution motivated the German Stahlhelm and the French Cagoulards.74 The Stahlhelm was simply dispelled by order of

Hitler. The French Government could easily imprison the Cagoulards before they had any opportunity to do harm. The nearest approach to an aristocratic dictatorship is Franco’s regime. But Franco was merely a puppet of Mussolini and Hitler, who wanted to secure Spanish aid for the impending war against France or at least Spanish “friendly” neutrality. With his protectors gone, he will either have to adopt Western methods of government or face removal.

Dictatorship and violent oppression of all dissenters are today exclusively socialist institutions. This becomes clear as we take a closer look at

Fascism and Nazism. [375] 7: Fascism? When the war broke out in 1914, the Italian socialist party was divided as to the policy to be adopted.

One group clung to the rigid principles of Marxism. This war, they maintained, is a war of the capitalists. It is not seemly for the proletarians to side with any of the belligerent parties. The proletarians must wait for the great revolution, the civil war of the united socialists

against the united exploiters. They must stand for Italian neutrality. The second group was deeply affected by the traditional hatred of Austria. in their opinion the first task of the italians was to hi their unredeemed brethren. Only then would the day of the socialist revolution

appear. In this conflict BenitoMussolini, the outstanding man in Italian socialism, chose at first the orthodox Marxianposition. Nobody could surphi mussoliniin marxian zeal. he was the intransigent champion of the pure creed, theunyielding defender of the rights of the exploited proletarians, the eloquent prophet of the socialist bliss to come.He was an adamantadversary of patriotism, nationalism, imperialism, monarchical rule and all religious creeds. When Italy in 1911 opened the great series of wars by an insidious hiault upon turkey, mussolini organized violent demonstrations against the departure of troops for Libya. Now, in 1914, he branded the war against Germany and Austria as an imperialist war. He was then still under the dominating influence of Angelica Balabanoff, the daughter of a wealthy Russian landowner. Miss Balabanoff had initiated him into the subtleties of Marxism. In her eyes the defeat of the Romanovs counted more than the defeat of the Habsburgs. She had no sympathy for the

ideals of the Risorgimento. But the Italian intellectuals were first of all nationalists. As in all other European countries, most of the Marxians longed for war and conquest. Mussolini was not prepared to lose his popularity. The thing he hated most was not to be on the side of the victorious faction. He changed his mind and became the most fanatical advocate of Italy’s attack on Austria. With French financial aid he founded a newspaper to fight for the cause of the

war. The anti-Fascists blame Mussolini for this defection from the teachings of rigid Marxism. He was bribed, they say, by the French. Now, even these people should know that the publication of a newspaper requires funds. They themselves do not speak of bribery if a wealthy American provides a man .

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