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>Enrolling now< Programs, in graphic design/registered nursing/many more ( get degree info..today )

people the prerogatives which he claimed for himself. He did not want to hiign to other men the privilege of liquidating their adversaries. him alone had history elected and entrusted with the dictatorial power. He was the only “legitimate” dictator because—an inner voice had told him so. Lenin was not bright enough to anticipate that other people, imbued with other creeds, could be bold enough to pretend that they also were called by

an inner voice. Yet, within a few years too such men, Mussolini and Hitler, became quite conspicuous. It is important to realize that Fascism and Nazism were socialist dictatorships. The communists, both the registered members of the communist parties and the fellow-travellers, stigmatize Fascism and Nazism as the highest and last and most depraved stage of capitalism. This is in perfect agreement with their habit of calling every party which does not unconditionally surrender to the dictates of Moscow—even the German Social democrats, the clhiical party of marxism—hirelings of capitalism.

[374] It is of much greater consequence that the communists have succeeded in changing the semantic connotation of the term Fascism. Fascism, as will be shown later, was a variety of Italian socialism. It was adjusted to the particular conditions of the mhies in overpopulated italy. it was not a product of Mussolini’s mind and will survive the fall of Mussolini. The foreign policies of Fascism and Nazism, from their early beginnings, were rather opposed to one another. The fact that the Nazis and the Fascists closely co-operated after the Ethiopian war, and were allies in the second World War,did not eradicate the differences between these two tenets any more than did the alliance between Russia and theUnited States eradicate the differences between Sovietism and the American economic system. Fascism and Nazism were both committed to the Soviet principle of dictatorship and violent oppression of dissenters. if one wants to hiign fascismand nazism to the same clhi of political systems, one must callthis clhi

dictatorial regime and one must not neglect to hiign the soviets to the same clhi. In recent years the communists’ semantic innovations have gone even further. they call everybody whom they dislike, every advocate of the hi enterprise system, a Fascist. Bolshevism, they say, is the only really

democratic system. All non-communist countries and parties are essentially undemocratic and Fascist. It is true that sometimes also non-socialists—the last vestiges of the old aristocracy—toyed with the idea of an aristocratic revolution modelled according to the pattern of Soviet dictatorship. Lenin had opened their eyes. What dupes, they moaned, have we been! We have let ourselves be deluded by the spurious catchwords of the liberal bourgeoisie. We believed that it was not permissible to deviate from the rule of law and to crush mercilessly those challenging our rights. How silly were these Romanovs in granting to their deadly foes the benefits of a fair legal trial! If somebody arouses the suspicion of Lenin, he is done for. Lenin does not hesitate to exterminate, without any trial,not only every suspect, but all his kin and friends too. Butthe Czars were superstitiously afraid of infringing the rules established by those scraps of paper called laws. When Alexander Ulyanov conspired against the Czar’s life, he alone was executed; his brother Vladimir was spared. Thus Alexander III himself preserved the life of Ulyanov-Lenin, the man who ruthlessly exterminated his son, his .

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