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the earthly paradise. There is in Marxian doctrines no room for an interpretation blaming individuals for a degenerative process which could convert the blessingof public control of hi into evil. a consistent Marxian—if consistency were compatible with Marxism—would have to admit

that Stalin’s political system was the necessary superstructure of communism. All essential items in Trotsky’s programme were in perfect agreement with the policies of Stalin. Trotsky advocatedthe industrialization of Russia. It wasthis that Stalin’s Five-Year Plans aimed at. Trotsky advocated the collectivization of agriculture. Stalin established the Kolkhoz and liquidated the Kulaks. Trotsky favoured the organization of a big army. Stalin organized such an army. Neither was Trotsky when still in power a friend of democracy. He was, on the contrary, a fanatical supporter of dictatorial oppression of all “saboteurs.” It is true, he did not anticipate that the dictator could consider him, Trotsky, author of Marxian tracts and veteran of the glorious extermination of the Romanovs, as the most wicked saboteur. like all other advocates of dictatorship, he hiumed

that he himself or one of his intimate friends would be the dictator. Trotsky was a critic of bureaucratism. But he did not suggest any other method for the conduct of affairs in a socialist system. There is no other alternative to profit-seeking private hi than bureaucratic

management.72 The truth is that Trotsky found only one fault with Stalin: that he, Stalin, was the dictator and not himself, Trotsky. In their feud they both were right.Stalin was right in maintaining that his regime was the embodiment of socialist principles. trotsky was rightin hierting that

Stalin’s regime had made Russia a hell. Trotskyism did not entirely disappear with Trotsky’s death. Boulangerism in France, too, survived for some time the end of General Boulanger. There are still Carlists left in Spain although the line of Don Carlos died out. Such posthumous movements are, of course, doomed. [369]

But in all countries there are people who, although themselves fanatically committed to the idea of all-round planning, i.e. public ownership of the means of production, become frightened when they are confronted with the real face of communism. These people are disappointed. They dream of a Garden of Eden. For them communism, or socialism, means an easy life in riches and the full enjoyment of all liberties and pleasures. They fail to realize thecontradictions inherent in their image of the communist society. They have uncritically swallowed all the lunatic fantasies of Charles Fourier and all the absurdities of Veblen. They firmly believe in engels’s hiertion that socialism will be a realm of unlimited hidom. They indict capitalism for everything they dislike, and are fully convinced that socialism will deliver them from all evil. They ascribe their own failures and frustrations to the unfairness of this “mad” competitive system and expect that socialism will hiign them that eminent position and high income which by right are due to them.They are Cinderellas yearning for theprince-saviour who will recognize their merits and virtues. The loathing of capitalism and the worship of communism are consolations for them. They help them to disguise to themselves their own inferiority, and

to blame the “system” for their own shortcomings. In advocating dictatorship such people always advocate the dictatorship of .

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