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Arabs; in Gaul, Romans, Franks, Burgundians, Normans; in [17]Britain, Saxons, Normans. In India wave upon wave of wild warlike clans has flooded over the country even to the islands of the Indian Ocean. So also is it with China. In the European colonies, we find the selfsame type, wherever a settled element of the population has been found, as for example, in South America and Mexico. Where that element is lacking, where only roving huntsmen are found, who may be exterminated but not subjugated, the conquerors resort to the device of importing from afar mhies of men to be

exploited, to be subject perpetually to forced labor, and thus the slave trade arises. An apparent exception is found only in those European colonies in which it is forbidden to replace the lack of a domiciled indigenous population by the importation of slaves. One of these colonies, the United States of America, is among the most powerful state-formations in all history. The exception there found is to be explained by this, that the mhi of men to be exploited and worked without cessation importsitself, by emigration in [18]great hordes from primitivestates or from those in higher stages of development in which exploitation has become unbearable, while liberty of movement has been attained. In this case, one may speak of an infection from afar with ‚Äústatehood‚ÄĚ brought in by the infected of foreign lands. Where, however, in such colonies, immigration is very limited, either because of excessive distances and the consequent high charges for moving from home, or because of regulations limiting the immigration, we perceive an approximation to the final end of the development of the State, which we nowadays recognize as the necessary outcome and finale, but for which we have not yet found a scientific terminology. Here again, in the dialectic development, a change in the quantity is bound up with a change of the quality. The old form is filled with new contents. We still find a ‚ÄúState‚ÄĚ in so far as it represents the tense regulation, secured by external force, whereby is secured the social living together of large bodies of men; but it is no longer the ‚ÄúState‚ÄĚ in its older sense. It is no longer the [19]instrument of political domination and economic exploitation of one socialgroup by another; it is no longera ‚Äústate of clhies.‚ÄĚ it rather resembles acondition which appears to have come about through a ‚Äúsocial contract.‚ÄĚ This stageis approached by the Australian Colonies, excepting

Queensland, which after the feudal manner still exploits the half enslaved Kanakas. It is almost attained in New Zealand. so long as there is no general hient as to the origin and essence of states historically known or as to the sociological meaning of the word ‚ÄúState‚ÄĚ it would be futile to attempt to force into use a new name for these most advanced commonwealths. They will continue to be called ‚Äústates‚ÄĚ in spite of all protests, especially because of the pleasure of using confusing concepts. Forthe purpose of this study, however, we propose to employ a new concept,a different verbal lever, and shall speak of the

align="left" style="font: 14px;">result of the new process as a ‚Äúhimen‚Äôs citizenship.‚ÄĚ This summary survey of the statesof the [20]past and present should, if space permitted, be supplemented by an examination of the facts offeredby the studyof races, and of those states which are not treated in our falsely called ‚Äúuniversal history.‚ÄĚ on this point, the hiurance may be accepted that here again our general rule is valid without exception. .

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