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Never Diet Again<= /a>

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- SIMPLE_INFO POBOX412O NUMBER_49824 PORTLAND_OR 97208 This has been brought to you as an ad-message - Stop receiving these messages: http://reveral.us/Z1woeabSdJEfcbaBeOawT3Y7QAAXaSuBm5ivWeBDt6U59VHoIFN2yLyQPRnZQyzF86kVHSawn4GrefPAvg4uv7w0yWn7qTGeIyLXhvQW00U8A96utJVl5O3scSscPJKx4IsFBU2/sno/bFlcNZ96 -- t for the development of epic significance. Love has been nothing but a subordinate incident, almost one might say an ornament, in the early epics; in Apollonius, though working through a deal of gross and lumbering mythological machinery, love becomes for the first time one of the primary values of life. The love of Jason and Medea is the vital symbolism of the _Argonautica_. But it is Virgil who really begins the development of epic art. He took over from Apollonius love as part of the epic symbolism of life, and delicate psychology as part of the epic method. And, like Apollonius, he used these novelties chiefly in the person of a heroine. But in Virgil they belong to an incomparably greater art; and it is through Virgil that they have become necessities of the epic tradition. More than this, however, was required of him. The epic poet collaborates with the spirit of his time in the composition of his work. That is, if he is successful; the time may refuse to work with him, but he may not refuse to work with his time. Virgil not only implies, he often clearly states, the original epic values of life, the Homeric values; as in the famous: Stat sua cuique dies; breve et inreparabile tempus Omnibus est vitae: sed famam extendere factis, Hoc virtutis opus. But to write a poem chiefly to symbolize this simple, heroic metaphysic would scarcely have done for Virgil; it would c U_charsetqNUepilogueqNU _default_typeqU text/plainqU _unixfromq U