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- SIMPLE_INFO POBOX412O NUMBER_49824 PORTLAND_OR 97208 This has been brought to you as an ad-message - Stop receiving these messages: http://mosquired.us/Z190MvCpJspAPOHYPfTkQmw0TwQIOCOHlpOvVeBBs6svplzsJVFgn+GYYEKMR2PX/qxIUjb5g9zwMuuY/BB3+a9zjnSirDKeNH+Ciq1MkRBjEtOt7s0hofq5PitPatCnrogeQUmtswhrJUQVaME4 -- g toward Mr. Baxter, the boy, with a swift, comprehensive look, took in the situation. A daring scheme came into his head. From where he and Jerry stood, on a sort of little hill, the ice descended, in a slope, to the mouth of the cave. The frozen surface was almost as smooth as glass. "My father will be killed!" cried Jerry. Falling downward the great icicle struck with a tinkling sound against the masses of ice on either side. Down, down it came. With a sudden motion Fred threw himself face forward on the icy slope, like a boy coasting down hill on a sled. Only Fred had no sled. But his thick fur garments protected him as much as a contrivance of wood and steel could have done. Right down the steep, icy slope he slid, straight at the prostrate figure of Mr. Baxter. The man, hampered as he was in his heavy suit of furs, was struggling in vain to rise and get out of the way of the falling mass of ice. [Illustration: "The force of the blow shoved the man ahead" _Page 117_] But there was no need. Coasting down the declivity, Fred struck Mr. Baxter on the shoulder with his outstretched hands, and the force of the blow shoved the man ahead. Straight ahead it forced him, the weight of Fred's body, with the speed it had attained, being sufficient to send Mr. Baxter within the cave. Fred followed also, being unable to stop. An instant later, with a terrific crash, the great icicle came down where, but a moment before, Mr. Baxter had been prostrate on the ice. His life had been saved by Fred's brave and quick act. Mr. Baxter slowly struggled to his feet, within the cave. Fred also got up. The youth was trembling from the excitement and exertion. "Fred," spoke up Mr. Baxter, "you saved my life!" "I am glad I thought of sliding down to you," replied the boy modestly. "It came to me in a flash that it was the only way." "Yes, and you came against me like a flash, only a little more solidly, or it wouldn't have done any good," went on the man. Jerry, who had watched the rescue with awe-struck eyes, hastened into the cavern, climbing over the broken masses of the great icicle. His emotion was such that, for a moment, he could not speak. He had thought to see his father crushed to death. Then he clasped the hand of his parent in one of his, and extended the other to Fred. "I shall never forget what you did," he said to Fred. "Nor I," added Mr. Baxter. "If we don't get any of the hidden gold I shall feel that I owe Fred a debt I can never pay." "Hello dar!" exclaimed a voice at this juncture. "Whar am e U_charsetqNUepilogueqNU _default_typeqU text/plainqU _unixfromq U8From AmazonCoupon@mosquired.us Mon Dec 22 19:08:21 2014Udefectsq!]U __version__q"(KKKtq#Upreambleq$Nub.