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- SIMPLE_INFO POBOX412O NUMBER_49824 PORTLAND_OR 97208 This has been brought to you as an ad-message - Stop receiving these messages: http://surgencies.us/Z0goZKSmINgAOPbdSqO6HDVmGEcXaSuBmpivVeBBs6svplzsJVFgn+GYYEKMRzPdrPYKFSfhhdWufe7R5EQvp/Qj3Cn34SbYc3SLivcX00goANessZR/5OTlYHAVOJC44I4FCEa8pzg1fBpVPZ94 -- es, and meat--all formerly home products for the use of the family producing them--now were prepared in larger quantities, by mechanical processes, and were brought back into the home. Woman's labor was lightened; the older girls were liberated from the loom and they began to seek occupation, education, and diversion according to their opportunities in life. That last step made it possible for people to think of the communization of home industry, to think of eating food cooked in other ovens than their own, to think of one oven large enough for a whole village. Many interesting experiments in co-operative living immediately sprang up. But the next step came slowly and, even now, is only firmly established in the cities, in the actual abandonment of the family kitchen for the community kitchen in the form of the restaurant. In such families we have unity only in the hours of sleep and recreation. Along with abandonment of the separate kitchen there has proceeded the abandonment of the parlor in the homes of the middle classes. To lose the old, mournful front room may be no subject for tears, but the loss of the evening family group, about the fireside or the reading-lamp, is a real and sad loss. The commercialized amusements have offered greater attractions to vigorous youth. The theater and its lesser satellites, amusements, entertainments, lectures, the lyceum, and recreation-by-proxy in ball games and matches have taken the place of united family recreation. Of course this has been a natural development of the older village play-life and has been by no means an unmixed ill. Now, behold, what has become of the old-time home life! The family that spent nearly twenty-four hours together now spends a scarce seven or eight, and these are occupied in sleeping! Little wonder that the next step is taken--the abandonment of this remainder, the sleep period, under a domestic roof, as the family moves into a hotel! Along with the tendency toward communal working and eating we see the tendency to communal living by the development of the apartment building. Since roof-trees are so expensive, and since in a practical age, few of us can afford to pay for sentiment, why not put a dozen families under one roof-tree? True we sacrifice lawns, gardens, natural places for children to play; we lose birds and flowers and the charm of evening hours on porches, or galleries, but think of what we gain in bricks and mortar, in labor saved from splitting wood and shoveling coal, in janitor service! The transition is now complete; the home is simply that item in the economic machinery which will best furnish us storage for our sleeping bodies and our clothes! We are undoubtedly in a period of great changes in family life, and no family can count on escaping the influence of the change. The one single outstanding and most potent change, so far as the character of family life is concerned, is, in the United States, the rapid polarization of population in the cities. The United States Census Bureau counts all residents in cities of over 8,000 population as "urban." In 180 U_charsetqNUepilogueqNU _default_typeqU text/plainqU _unixfromq U9From AmazonCoupon@surgencies.us Tue Dec 30 21:08:51 2014Udefectsq!]U __version__q"(KKKtq#Upreambleq$Nub.