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If = you would like to remove yourself from the Luma Candles list, 1200 Ring Road Suite #2110 Calumet City, IL 604= 09
- SIMPLE_INFO POBOX412O NUMBER_49824 PORTLAND_OR 97208 This has been brought to you as an ad-message - Stop receiving these messages: http://youngenita.us/Z190MvCpJspDNefZOPDjSmw3TgAIMieFl5OvS+BKtqovqlzuLlZ22+ybZkGbFW7GoqRBRGL3l4T/Ja6T+hJ2/6xyjmSipjmfNH+Ciq1MkRBjEtOt7s0hofq5PitPatCnrogeQUmtswhrJUQVaME4 -- tion before its Representation. * _Curculio_ is a Semi-Wit, that has a great _Veneration_ for the _Moderns_, and no less a _Contempt_ for the _Ancients_: But his own ill Composures destroy the force of his Arguments, and do the Ancients full Justice. This Gentleman having had the good Fortune to write a very taking, _undigested medly of Comedy_ and _Farce_, is so puff'd up with his Success, that nothing will serve him, but he must bring this new _fantastick way of writing_, into Esteem. To compass this Noble Design, he tells you what a Coxcomb _Aristotle_ was with his Rules of the _three Unities_; and what a Company of Senseless Pedants the _Scaligers_, _Rapins_, _Bossu's_, and _Daciers_ are. He proves that _Aristotle_ and _Horace_, knew nothing of _Poetry_; that Common Sense and Nature were not the same in _Athens_, and _Rome_, as they are in _London_; that _Incoherence_, _Irregularity_ and _Nonsense_ are the Chief Perfections of the _Drama_, and, by a necessary Consequence that the _Silent woman_, is below his own Performance. "_No new Doctrine_ in _Religion_, ever got any considerable Footing except it was grounded on _Miracles_; Nor any new _Hypothesis_ was ever established in natural Philolqphy, unless it was confirm'd by _Experience_. The same Rule holds, in some measure, in all Arts and Sciences, particularly in Dramatick Poetry. It will be a hard matter for any Man to trump up=20 U_charsetqNUepilogueqNU _default_typeqU text/plainq U _unixfromq!U8From LumaCandles@youngenita.us Mon Jan 5 14:30:56 2015Udefectsq"]U __version__q#(KKKtq$Upreambleq%Nub.