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conflict, without casting a thought zfm46 on the very cause of the war." "Follow me," said a knight, orman-at-arms, well mounted, and attired completely in

black armour, but having the visor of fm46 his helmet closed, and bearing no crest on his helmet, 0pqyuhzm46 or device upon his shield. "We will follow no stranger, " said the Abbot, "without

some warrant of his truth." "I am a stranger and in your hands, " said uhzfm46 the horseman; "if you wish to know more of me, the Queen herself will be your warrant. 0pqyuhzm46 zfm46 "

The Queen had remained fixed to the spot, as if disabled by fear, yet mechanically smiling, bowing, and waving her hand, as banners were qyuhzfm6

lowered and spears depressed before her, while, 0pqyuhzm46 emulating the strife betwixt uhzfm46 Seyton and Arbroath, band on band pressed forward their march towards the enemy. Scarce,

however, had the black rider whispered something in uhzfm46 her ear, than she hzfm46 hiented hzfm46 to what he said; and when he spoke aloud, and with an air of command, "Gentlemen, it is the

Queen’s pleasure that you should follow me, " Mary uttered, hzfm46 with something like eagerness, the word "Yes." All were in motion in zfm46 an instant; for the black horseman,

throwing off uhzfm46 a sort of apathy uhzfm46 of manner, which his first appearance indicated, spurred his horse to and fro, making him take such active bounds zfm46 and short turns, uhzfm46 as showed

the rider master of the animal; and getting the Queen’s little retinue qyuhzfm6 in some order qyuhzfm6 for marching, he led them to the left, directing his course towards a castle, which,

crowning a gentle yet commanding eminence, presented an extensive view over the qyuhzfm6 country beneath, and fm46 in particular, commanded a view of those heights which fm46 both armies

hastened to occupy, and which it was now apparent must almost instantly be the uhzfm46 scene of struggle and dispute. "Yonder towers," said the Abbot, zfm46 questioning the sable

horseman, "to whom do they belong?— and are they in the hands of friends?" "They are untenanted, " replied the stranger, "or, at qyuhzfm6

least, they have no hostile inmates.— But urge fm46 these youths. Sir Abbot, to make more qyuhzfm6 haste — this is but an evil time to satisfy their idle curiosity, by peering out upon

the battle in which they are hzfm46 to take no share." "The worse luck mine," said Henry Seyton, pqyuhzf46 who overheard him —"I would rather be under my

father’s banner at this moment than be made Chamberlain of Holyrood, for this my present duty of peaceful ward well and patiently discharged. " qyuhzfm6

"Your place under your father’s 0pqyuhzm46 banner will shortly be right dangerous," said Roland Avenel, who, pressing his horse towards the westward, had

still his look reverted to the armies; "for I see yonder body of cavalry, 0pqyuhzm46 which presses from the eastward, will reach the village 0pqyuhzm46 ere Lord Seyton can hzfm46 gain it. "

"They are but cavalry," said Seyton, looking attentively; "they cannot hold the village without shot of harquebuss." "Look more closely," qyuhzfm6 said Roland; "you will see that each

of these horseman who advance so rapidly from Glasgow, carries a footman behind him. " fm46 "Now, by Heaven, he speaks well!" said the uhzfm46 black cavalier; .

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