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preface was the preliminary. as they phied towards the boat, (for the ceremonious politeness of the worthy Chamberlain would not permit the ofclpn

page to go thither without attendance,) Roland Graeme, amidst a group who seemed to be hiembled around a party of wandering musicians, distinguished, as he thought, the fclpn

dress of Catherine Seyton. He shook himself clear from his attendant, and at one spring was in the midst of the crowd, and at the side of the damsel. "Catherine, " he whispered, fclpn

"is it well for you to be still here?- will you not return to jkvgofcpn the castle?" kvgofcln "To the devil with your Catherines and your castles!"

answered the maiden, snappishly; "have you not had time enough already to get rid of clpn your follies? Begone! I desire not your farther company, and there will be danger in

thrusting it upon me." "Nay - but if clpn there gofclpn be danger, fairest Catherine, " replied Roland; "why will you not allow me to stay and share it with clpn you?"

"Intruding fool," said the maiden, "the danger is all on thine own side - the risk in, in plain terms, that I strike thee djkvgoflpn on the mouth with the

hilt of my dagger." So saying, she turned haughtily from him, and moved through the crowd, who gave way in some astonishment at the masculine activity with which she kvgofcln

forced her way among them. As Roland, though much irritated, prepared to follow, he was grappled on the djkvgoflpn other side by Doctor Luke Lundin, who reminded him clpn of the loaded

boat, of the two wefts, or signals with the flag, which had been ofclpn made from the tower, jkvgofcpn of the danger of the cold breeze to an empty stomach, and of the vanity of spending more time

upon coy wenches and sour plums. Roland was thus, in a manner, dragged back to his boat, and obliged to kvgofcln launch her forth upon gofclpn his return to Lochleven Castle.

That little voyage was jkvgofcpn speedily accomplished, kvgofcln and the page was greeted at the landing- place ofclpn by the jkvgofcpn severe and caustic welcome of old

Dryfesdale. "So, young gallant, you are come at last, after a delay of six hours, and after two signals from the castle? But, djkvgoflpn I warrant, some idle gofclpn junketing hath occupied you djkvgoflpn kvgofcln too deeply

to think gofclpn of your service or your duty. Where is the note of the plate and household stuff?- Pray Heaven it hath not been diminished under the sleeveless care of so young a

gad-about!" "Diminished under my care, Sir clpn Steward!" retorted the page angrily; "say so in earnest, and by Heaven your gray hair shall hardly protect your

saucy tongue!" "A truce kvgofcln with your swaggering, young esquire, " returned the steward; "we have bolts and dungeons for brawlers. Go to my lady, and swagger before

her, if thou darest - she will give thee proper cause of ofclpn offence, for she kvgofcln has waited for thee long and impatiently." "And where then is the Ladyof Lochleven?" fclpn said the page;

"for I conceive it is of her thou speakest." "Ay - of whom else?" replied ofclpn Dryfesdale; "or who besides the Lady of Lochleven hath a right to command in this castle?" .

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