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distinction.” “Let me 1tdjvf7 aid you to mount my horse,” said Roland, eagerly, “and you may yet be saved — I can find my own way on foot — turn but my horse’s head

westward, and he tdjvf7 will carry you fleet and easy as the djvf7 wind.” “I will never 521tdjv7 mount steed p521tdjf7 more, ” said the youth; “farewell — I p521tdjf7 love thee better dying,

than ever I thought to have done while in life — I would that old man’s blood were not on my hand!— Sancte Benedicte, jvf7 ora pro me — Stand not to

look on a dying man, but haste to save the Queen!” These words were spoken with the last effort of his voice, and scarce were they uttered p521tdjf7

ere 521tdjv7 the speaker was no more. They recalled Roland to a sense of the duty which hehad well-nigh tdjvf7 forgotten, but they did not reach his ears only.

“The Queen — p521tdjf7 where is the 1tdjvf7 Queen?” said Halbert Glendinning, who, followed xp521tdvf7 by two or three horsemen, appeared at this instant. jvf7 Roland made no

answer, but, turning his horse, and confiding in his speed, gave him at 521tdjv7 once rein and spur, and rode over height and hollow towards the Castle of Crookstone. More heavily

armed, and mounted upon a horse of less p521tdjf7 speed, Sir Halbert 521tdjv7 Glendinning followed with jvf7 couched lance, calling out as he rode, “Sir, with the holly-branch, halt, and show your right to

bear 1tdjvf7 that badge — fly not thus cowardly, p521tdjf7 nordishonour the cognizance thou deservest not to wear!—Halt, sir coward, or by Heaven, I will strike thee with my lance on the back,

and slay thee like a dastard — I am xp521tdvf7 the Knight of Avenel — tdjvf7 I am Halbert Glendinning. ” But Roland, who had jvf7 no purpose of encountering 521tdjv7 his old

master, and who, besides, knew the Queen’s safety depended on his making the best speed he could, answered not a word to the defiances and reproaches which Sir Halbert djvf7

continued to tdjvf7 throw out against him; but making the best use of his spurs, rode yet harder than before, and djvf7 had gained about a hundred yards upon his pursuer, when, 1tdjvf7 coming near to

the yew-tree where he had left the Queen, he saw them already getting to horse, and cried out as loud as he could, “Foes! foes!— Ride for it, fair ladies — Brave gentlemen, xp521tdvf7

do your devoir to protect them!” So saying, he wheeled his horse, and avoiding the shock of Sir Halbert Glendinning, charged one of that Knight’s followers, who was nearly on 1tdjvf7

a line with him, so rudely with his lance, that he overthrew horse and man. He then drew his sword and attacked the second, while the black man-at-arms, throwing himself in djvf7

the way of Glendinning, they rushed on each other so fiercely, that both horses were overthrown, and the riders lay rolling on the plain. Neither was able to arise, for the xp521tdvf7

black horseman was pierced through jvf7 521tdjv7 with Glendinning’s lance, and the Knight of Avenel, oppressed with the weight of his own horse and sorely bruised p521tdjf7 besides, seemed p521tdjf7 in

little better plight than he whom he had mortally wounded. xp521tdvf7 “Yield thee, Sir Knight of Avenel, rescue or no 1tdjvf7 rescue, ” said Roland, who had put a .

h!Nh"Nh#h$h%Nh&]h'h(h)Nubeh!Nh"U h#h$h%UGFrom netloanexpresslenderservices@nnchicle.eu Sun Sep 20 10:56:24 2015h&]h'h(h)Uub.